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ML Pipelines and ML Components

When designing new technologies, almost always choices are made that would sacrifice some characteristic for some others. And it is important to understand those choices and how they may or may not affect your use case. …

Every time I go to a great place; where I am in peace; this thought comes to my mind — this is a good place to die. Not that I am suicidal just filled with Inner Peace.

And advice to self — Choose a place to live where you will…

Pod Security Policies are depreciated in Kubernetes 1.21 and will be removed in future versions of K8s (1.25)

This link is from the above notice and talks about the problems they are having with PSP

If you have come from — and still not able to configure; here are the files that work (without security)

From ElasticSerach Helm generate ES StatefulSet and Kibana DaemonSet

Note that if you have a small cluster then change the memory and CPU requirements like in the file below…

What went by, seems so bizarre.

Like the snap of Thanos, it has picked out people randomly from everywhere. It’s hard to find someone who did not have the first-hand experience of someone dying with Covid. I live in an apartment in a city. A man in his late 30’s…

Everyone is In for the Money; Investors are also Traders

There are different ways to make money from the stock market. For those of us who are not that experienced trading in good quality stocks for the long run; is the most sensible choice. When I say long; it does not really mean decades; though for very good companies you…

Setting up a Ceph Cluster using CephDeploy tool

Few things, before you start.

You could use this blog to see how to create the cephadm user and passwordless ssh to other nodes

I used CentOS 7.7 OS version. …

Alex Punnen

SW Architect/programmer /designer - in various languages and technologies from 2001 to now. That’s the story so far…

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