A clickbait to trick Medium.

Medium is so full or recommendations that goes like this

  1. How to _____ ?

How to be rich in 10 seconds, how to grow your hair back, how to achieve this, how to achieve that — my God

2. How not to ____?

Again, same as above, how not to blow 10 billion by three bad jokes, or similar

and then there are so many people churning out these How to and How not to’s so that they get some money via readership. I will say this is soft spam.

Author’s why do you write — to get money or because of an urge to share.

Here’s how to be happy “Don’t do It”, and as advice goes, it is a pretty decent one too. Do less, dream less and live more.

And resist the urge to click bait like this https://medium.com/the-ascent/how-to-make-enough-money-to-retire-in-the-next-5-years-6a7683ce5a16

Honest —I have not read the above; so not sure if it is genuine; but I will anyway resist the urge and let that golden advice go, rather than click another click bait . I urge you too.

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